What are people saying about their visits to the reading room?

"There is so much I could say…..being part of the hazeltree means the world to me and gave me my life back.  The first time I visited the hazeltree, I was likely at the lowest point of my entire life.  When I walked out of that office, my step was lighter, I had new peace and confidence and I could let go of what I could not control, embrace what was, and allow what was yet to be.  There are no words strong enough to express my gratitude to hazel for the undeniable insight she has given me or the absolute enlightenment I have achieved to guide me down the path that is mine.  I am truly thankful to the Powers that brought the hazel tree into my life."                                             


"I’ve been a client of hazel’s for well over 10 years and have had the good fortune of knowing that her unique gift is always there-in good times or bad.  I’ve always have a good experience- I walk away from a reading with at least one piece of information that makes the visit worthwhile.  Knowing her is knowing a wonderful gentle soul-she’s a lovely, caring and warm person with the ability to help others.  What she offers is that little bit of help to make our lives easier and who among us doesn’t need that?"

"I have been seeing hazel for over 8 years now.  I can not say enough about her she is amazing.  She has helped me sort out my life, understanding more about myself and helped me make better decision. She has been an incredible coach and has helped me many times to get my life back on track.  I definitely would recommend  a reading with her."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ~Suzanne~

"My four children and I have visited hazel several times over the last few years.
I have recommended hazel to my friends and many of them have also gone to see hazel.  My children have got to known their Grandmother (my Mother) through hazel as she passed away when my oldest was 2 years old.  They feel as though they have known all their lives.  Hazel has taught me a lot about life and myself.  I always come away from a visit in the reading room feeling refreshed and ready for life is going to offer me!!  Hazel is truly a wonderful person!"

"For the past 5 years I have been meeting with hazel regularly to try and figure out my life.  With her guidance and intuition, I discovered a new path.  She provided ongoing support so I was able to discover my purpose, pointed me in the right direction and believe me it was not easy but I achieved my goals. Discovery, Direction and Achievement - who knew that later in life I would be a Yoga Teacher and a Holistic Health Coach. I love what I do…I have a purpose!  Thank you for sharing your gift hazel! Priceless…"

"I always look forward to every session with hazel.  She guides me and verifies my decisions, whether good or bad.  Hazel validates how and why my life has taken the path it has and what the future has in store.  I consider myself blessed to have the opportunity to meet with her and explain why the universe works the way it does.  Hazel is so good for my soul and I have recommended several friends and family members to her to share her gift with them as well."

"A visit with hazel is a gift I give myself each year.  Hazel's abilities always amaze and surprise me.  How does she know this stuff?  Book a session and treat yourself, you won't be disappointed." 

"Hazel has been a part of my  universe for quite some time now.  Her gift is extraordinary.  When life throws you curves, or you need reassurance and guidance, hazel is always willing and able to assist at these most critical times.  I love the warm atmosphere of the hazeltree.  When I'm in need of reassurance or confirmation, I seek out hazel's guidance."

"Honesty, Trust, Compassion, Understanding, Friendship.
Have you ever met someone that from the just a short time you feel like you have known them for your whole life?   Hazel is amazing from making you feel comfortable, at ease, and feel good about who you are.  She will help you look at things from a completely new perspective and give a whole new insight on things. I can honestly say I’m a better person from meeting her and getting a new perspective on my life.  I am privileged in meeting her and thankful in being able to call her my friend.  When you get honesty, trust, compassion, understanding and friendship, what else could you ask for?"

"Hazel is a wonder and a delight.  She is instantly likable and profoundly talented.  I would honestly say that she has mastered her intuitive skill and her accuracy is sublime.  If anyone is contemplating a session I would definitely suggest to take the leap.  A session with hazel is a tremendous gift to yourself.  Our meeting has provided me with ease, relief, awareness and a sense of guidance and support that I feel blessed to have discovered."

"Hazel is amazing, words can’t explain how fantastic my experience was time just flew !!"  
                                                                                                                                                                  ~Facebook review from Roopali~

"Hazel is my dear friend, mentor and sometimes a nag!  She reminds me when I need reminded and she has helped me through some very trying times.  Her talent is world renowned and her friendship means the world to me.  Love you Sister!"
                                                                                                                                                                    ~Facebook review from Penny~

"I absolutely love hazel I have been seeing her for years and I always leave her feeling that what I had wanted answered was answered and a complete sigh of relief comes over me.  Her new location is wonderful- drove in today and was just excited to see the new office so warm and welcoming."
                                                                                                                                                                ~Facebook review from Deanna~

"I have gone twice now for two totally different reasons and came out feeling confident and lighter.  She has helped more then she realizes!
                                                                                                                                                                      ~Facebook review from Jenny~

"I have known hazel for many years now.  She is a gifted intelligent woman.  She has the ability to put everyone at ease upon entering her space.  Her astute insight always lightens ones burdens and creates a calm which aids in forward movement in life.  Hazel is phenomenal."
                                                                                                                                                          ~Facebook review from Abiagenesis~
"Hazel is an earth angel."                                                                                                                 ~Facebook review from Lindy~

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