Photo credit to Reflections by Patty 

Hazel McGuiness

Author, Keynote Speaker, Medium, Spiritual Adviser, Intuitive Counselor

Born in Sussex, England in 1962 Hazel's family decided to immigrate to Canada in 1965.  She, along with her elder sister, mum and dad enjoyed many aspects of living in Ontario, but as many immigrants, both parents were pining for 'home'.  On June 1st, 1976 she and her family were on the plane going back to England, this time not just for a holiday but to make the UK 'home'.  After getting married at 19 and divorcing 3 years later, Hazel still couldn't settle fully in the UK, but it would take another 7 years before she finally made the voyage back to Canada.  This time, however, it was with the love of her life and future husband Mars that made the journey with her. 

They made their way to the countryside and found themselves living happily north of #89 for well over 20 years but in 2017 it was time to downsize and head to town.  Thankfully, all of them have adapted well, including 2 jack's, Milly and Molly, a toy poodle, Coco and 5 cats.  

In her spare time, Hazel volunteers at the Alzheimer's Society in Dufferin County.  Her passions include cooking, walking the dogs, and travelling.