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We are proudly celebrating having read for more than 26,000 clients over 28 years!!!
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a personal message from hazel... 

I hope that you take some time to browse through our website - my wish is that it gives you a picture of not only who I am, but what I do.  Why I do it is very simple... I have a passion for my work. I love to sit and talk to each and every one of my clients. In fact, many have been with me since I opened my first Reading Room in 1994.

After 25 years of several moves, the Reading Room is now permanently located in the town of Orangeville. Mars and I made the decision to bring the business back into our home (as it started in 1994), however this time we wanted it so that both us and the clients had our own separate entrances, thus separating our living space from the business space. Well, what we wished for came true and in January 2019, the new Reading Room was officially open. Thanks to Scott Hoegy Construction and his crew, who have done a fabulous job.

We have a lovely quaint waiting room where tea, coffee, water and always small treats are available, a washroom, a patio sitting area for the sunny summer days and our welcoming receptionist Kelli, who always greets everyone with a warm and friendly smile. The energy of the space is wonderful and everyone who walks in feels immediately at peace. I love that everyone has been thrilled with the results of the new build. The Reading Room continues to be warm and cozy and the addition of a wall mounted fireplace has been a welcome comfort on cold, blistery days. 


Photo credit to Reflections by Patty